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Relaxing and Effective

Acupuncture is a Chinese Medical system that has been used and perfected for more than 2000 years.   
The Chinese word for energy is Qi, and Qi travels thoughout the body, including all the organs and the acupuncture points. By stimulating the points you can release energy or clear blockages along these pathways to promote healing and stop pain.
Acupuncture is compatible with Western medicine. It does not have side effects and treats the whole person rather than a single symptom. 
Because of this, treatment often boosts the immune system, aids the digestion and harmonises the emotions as well as treating the initial problem which prompted the person to come to clinic.

Moxibustion treatment over a woman.jpg


Sterile, single use needles are used to balance the body using acupuncture points


A warming herb used to stimulate acupuncture points

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