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Help for Menopause is here!

I have always enjoyed treating menopause, as acupuncture can provide effective relief from a lot of the troublesome symptoms - hot flushes, anxiety and night sweats to name a few. I can remember treating Linda, my first menopausal woman back in 2008 in Sydney. She was a lovely woman, who really enjoyed her job but was having a terrible time with raging hot flushes during the day. They were very embarrassing as she would sweat a lot, and go very red and have to leave the room. She was working in HR in a big company, and was getting very anxious about having them during the regular company meetings. At the time I was not sure what to do, or how effective acupuncture could be, which I told her. But she wanted to try it as she was not able to go on HRT. So I did my best, and we were both delighted when she came back the following week having had three days with no hot flushes at all!! After the first three days they began creeping back. This is normal with acupuncture, which is a wonderful medicine, but a slow medicine. You are encouraging the body to make changes naturally, but it has taken time to get out of balance, and it takes time to get back in balance. So she continued with treatment, and it took around 2 months of weekly treatments to get the balance back, after which she just came in for occasional top ups.

Sixteen years later and I still love to treat menopause!! And as I am going through it myself too I decided to treat myself and enrol in an intensive 20 hour Menopause Master Class, with specialists from both Chinese and Western Medicine looking at the latest information and best treatments. So please call me for a chat about how acupuncture can help you to cope with this challenging transition, which can also be an opportunity for improved health and well being.

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